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It's basic logic that healthy employees are more productive, more reliable members of your work force. But what steps are you taking to ensure that your crew is at their best everyday?

Mitchell Insurance began working on the concept of HealthTRACK Wellness in 2006 and began servicing group health clients in 2008.  The program is designed to raise employees' awareness about their own health and urges them to take steps to be healthier.  

Those healthy steps are encouraged through promotions, contests, informational meetings, and one-on-one health coaching.  Mitchell Insurance is unique in that we employ our own health coaches.  Almost all of our coaching is done on site and face-to-face with the employee, in lieu of over the telephone or on the internet. 

Services include annual Health Risk Assessments, Biometric Screenings, and one-on-one coaching with employees to address their particular needs. 

Ultimately, the HealthTRACK Wellness program is designed to aid employees in being more health conscious.  In turn, that results in our group health clients reducing their overall claims and ultimately controlling the cost of their health insurance.